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(I'm sorry for yelling at you, but I thought if I shouted loud enough it would make poof (or boom, or possibly splash, or maybe even chirrupeee, chirrupeee) and it's Friday. *checks calendar* Damn.)

I just checked my f-list, and there was one of those posts that remind fest participants of the deadline (in 10 days) and ask them politely to be good and turn their fics in on time. In case you were wondering, I'm totally cool and relaxed and confident that my jumbled, confused WIP that requires an online mindmap to keep track of, will be ready in time (I'm NOT panicking, sweating, wondering where I can buy a bottle of very strong liquor right now because holy shit TEN DAYS). Hey mods, look how bloody calm I am. I'm so calm, I make the Neckar look like a mountain river crashing down into a valley, crushing little animals to death that venture near its riverside. Hell, yeah.

There was also a point for this post, I think. Unfortunately I just remembered that I have no time to write it up now. There's things I have to do that have nothing to do with frantically trying to make sense of my story. Nope. Not at all.


P.S. The last two weeks have made me feel slightly less significant. Outing me through facebook won't work. I don't have one. I therefore would like to ask anyone with a grudge, please pm me so I can send you the address of my mother. You will have to do it by classic mail, though. She's not on the internet. Sorry for the inconvenience.

chirrupeee, chirrupeee, please?
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