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Afraid. Alive. Angry. Anxious. Awake. Awesome. Biting. Bored. Bright. Chaotic. Clinging. Drowsy. Fighting. Following. German. Girly. Giving. Goading. Grumpy. Happy. Idealistic. Kicking. Lame. Lazy. Laughing. Leading. Loving. Mad. Missing. Naughty. Needy. Optimistic. Poetic. Queer. Raving. Rocking. Roleplaying. Rolling. Running. Sad. Shining. Sleeping. Surviving. Talkíng. Trembling. Tripping. Trusting. Turning. Unique. Valid. Witty. Writing.

All personal entries are f-locked. All comments are welcome. No-strings-attached friending policy.
No original fiction can be found here.

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My HP-Fiction

Unbreakable. Why do elves keep dying? What's the secret of the striving elf agency? Where is Pixy? What do you wear to a Halloween party if your host is Millicent Bulstrode? Hermione's profession is to find answers; and she has the cloak to prove it. 35,000 words. Hermione/Millicent.
Lost in Reality. Reality is the state or quality of being real. But what is real? And more importantly, what is not real? 40,000 words. George/Lee.
Potter's Law. How do you fight something that kills with the precision of a curse and spreads like an infection? How do you work with someone who gets to you in more ways than one? How can five men keep the wizarding world safe against all obstacles? This is a story about people, about relationships, about romance, but most of all, about passion. 30,000 words. Ron/Dean.

A Walk in the World. In a perfect world, no one gets sick, you keep the girl, and wait for your best mate to come home. In Seamus's world, things work differently. 18,000 words. Dean/Seamus.
Love Hurts. Being a Gryffindor and a Muggle-born is a bad combination, war sucks, friendship is everything, secrets are dangerous and love hurts. Dean knows all of that, and yet, he can't help himself. 8,000 words. Dean/Seamus, Seamus/Lavender.
No, Stay. Time to Go to Bed, Lovely. When the battle is over, and the bodies are counted, there's living to be done. Lucky are those who don't have to do it alone. 1,750 words. Luna/Dean/Seamus.
Glimpses of Christmas. Ten Christmases at the Burrow through Harry's eyes. 1,000 words. Harry/Ron.
Lee's Story. Lee's story from 1995 (during OotP) to 1998 (during DH). It's about wanting, laughing, loving, fighting and losing. Above all, it's about friendship. 13000 words. George/Lee.
The Incident In The Alley. The story starts with a Quibbler staff meeting, continues with an interview and ends with an owl. It sounds straightforward, but is a little bit more complex - thanks to Seamus Finnigan, and the absence of a letter. 2,500 word. Seamus/Harry.
Chance Encounters. He touched her in ways she wouldn't be able to explain. 1,700 words. Seamus/Minerva.
Lee Jordan. 20 Moments. 1,100 words. George/Lee.

The Invisible Wall. How a wall prevented a prank simply by not being there, scarring a young man beyond the hope of recovery through the terrible and destructive forces of love, sex and Irish commentary. 7,400 words. George/Lee
Neville Longbottom and the Lost Mushroom. When a fungus goes missing, it needs at least two heroes to conquer a cave. 8,400 words. Neville/Harry.
Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire. Draco Malfoy, soon-to-be witness in an important trial, receives death threats. All is as it seems. Basically. 4500 words. Gen.
How I Got Buggered by Oliver Wood Twice. Smut. 1,600 words. Marcus/Oliver
A Quidditch Match to Remember. Quidditch Metaphors, humour. 770 words. Marcus/Oliver
One week in Adrian Pucey's life. Adrian Pucey, various others, RP characters. 3,000 words. Gen.

Dark Themes
In the Dark. There are layers in the human soul. Some of them are open like a bright blooming flower. Some lie in the dark. You can't see them - unless you look closely. 1,900 words. Gen.
I Am Your Everything. I am the heart of this new family. Without me, it wouldn't exist. Louis would still be with them, and no blood would have been spilt. But I am here. And this is my story. Rose, Albus, Scorpius, Teddy. 10,000 words. Gen.
One Hour. Hermione knows her husband too well to fall for Polyjuice. 800 words. Ron/Hermione.


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