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I planned on reccing my favourite stories from [ profile] nextgendarkfest. But I haven't read everything yet, and now that reveals are up, I feel slightly discouraged to make a rec list. What's up with mods who keep their timelines? You'd think that if you hand your story in late, you can expect the same courtesy.

Oh well.

On a more serious note, it was a great fest with great, kind, perfectly organised mods and great stories. If I ever get through them all, I'll post those recs. And if I ever find the motivation to reedit the one I wrote, I'll repost it here. I am, however, not unhappy with the way it turned out. By no means is it the worst story I've ever written.

Many thanks to [ profile] ridicu_liz, [ profile] annafugazzi, [ profile] tree00faery and [ profile] tiger_flame for their help. Your suggestions and comments were as always invaluable.

It's posted here:
I Am Your Everything.
Rating: NC17 (for violence)
Word Count: 10,000
Characters: Albus, Rose, Teddy, Scorpius, past Rose/Scorpius, hint of Albus/Teddy
Warnings: Character death, violence, abuse, abduction, all involving minors
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Characters: Albus Severus (gen but past Albus/Charlie)
Summary: There are layers in the human soul. Some of them are open like a bright blooming flower. Some lie in the dark. You can't see them - unless you look closely.
Prompt: To know one's self, one must go all the way to horror - Jacques Bossuet
Rating: R
Word count: 1900
Warnings: Character Death (Rose Weasley). This was written for [ profile] hp_darkfest.
Author/Artist's notes: Many thanks to those who read this before it was finished and helped me with their thoughts and suggestions - especially [ profile] anise_anise and [ profile] spn4ever. Also thanks to those who left great comments when it was posted here on hp_darkfest. Many questions that may arise while/after reading the story are answered in the discussion over there in the comments. I don't recommend reading the comments before the story. There are many, many spoilers.

In the Dark )


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