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Wednesday, July 28th, 9h15:

boss: Morning

me: Morning. I just ran over a bird.

boss: What?

me: I killed a bird. With my car. I'm so sorry about that. *sighs*

boss: I bet the bird is glad to hear that. Oh wait. It's not! It's DEAD.

me: *feels incredibly guilty* It wasn't on purpose! It flew directly under my tire; too fast for me to react.

boss: Oh well... I guess that makes it okay... I just hope the little birds will die fast.

me: *alarmed* What? What little birds?

boss: It's July. Birds are breeding right now. You killed a parent bird. The young ones are gonna die. They're going to sit in their nest, waiting for their mum, but she'll never come.

me: Oh. God. I'm going to hell. *collapses. headdesk*

boss: Did you at least go back and check if it was really dead, that it doesn't have to suffer anymore?

me: What? No! It was on the highway. There was no way to go back and check anything. *defensive*

boss: *looks at me in silence*

me: *eyes brimming with tears*

boss: *grins* Coffee?
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I just got into an ugly fight with a cashier. Usually I'm a polite, mild-mannered person, trying to tackle most problems with a smile. Today, though, I'm cranky, overworked, still sick and in a bad mood.


Especially not when radish costs four times as much. Seriously.

What are your Monday annoyances?
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This morning, I slept until nine, got up, took a shower, pulled on my holey denims and baggy t-shirt, and made myself a cup of coffee with loads of milk.

Then I thought to myself, "Might as well have a look what's going on in LJ land." I didn't have the time to do much reading lately, and getting lost in the anarchic part of the internet between friends and strangers and creativity sounds brilliant.

So I turned on my computer, added some sugar to my coffee because I'm just that frivolous, logged in, poked around, updated my stories-to-read-list, considered for the hundredth time taking over an abandoned newsletter but again postponed messaging the mod, and then- wait a moment...

seriously. wait a moment, it's good for building up tension. )
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The fandom survey affair is going from offensive and badly researched to being ridiculous and just bizarre.

How much juice do you have in your fridge right now? )
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It's like a train wreck happening - with the exception that I can't bring myself to feel sorry for the train. That's because the train is a moron.

Science - a History )


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