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Finally, I have some time to post George-centric recs that have been collecting dust in my rec folder forever.
My favourite stories from hpgeorgecentric )

On a personal note, I've been thinking about dropping out of a fest I signed up for.

I'm halfway through the story; I have another three weeks left; it feels like it could become something good, and yet... I don't know.

I can't bring myself to write anything fannish at the moment. It almost feels like it's time to move on. My sense of obligation will hopefully save me from leaving the project unfinished. On the other hand, I don't want to finish if I can't give it the dedication it deserves.
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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. I came back today from my short trip and currently try to catch up. Let me know if I missed something.

Before reveals go up in several fests, I'd like to get in one more rec post, even though I still haven't read all bookmarked stories. Here are five of my favourites from five different fests:

Truth Beyond. Minerva/Rita. NC17.
I love this story for the way it handles the characters, the plotline, and for the way it is structured. There are very short sections with an alternating point of view. The two stories are very different, and yet they are the same. It's a very interesting piece of story telling.

By Any Other Name. Ginny/Blaise. Warnings: Implications of violence and rape (this is the author's warning; I think it's misleading. I'd say this is non-con even if it's not technically rape. Be warned!). Summary: Though she'd learned absolutely nothing else in the five months since starting her sixth year at Hogwarts, her various punishments had prepared her for this moment.

This was toeing my personal line. It wasn't an entirely comfortable read for me - which I suppose it wasn't intended to be - but it is well crafted and well executed. The reader is left in the dark about the motives behind the action. Black/white/grey, we don't know what's going on, but the author suggests many possibilities. I'm glad that I clicked it. Give it a go if sexual abuse isn't on your trigger or squick list.

Everything in this World Ron/Pansy. NC17. 21,000 words. Summary: Ron wakes up and the world is different.

The story is far shorter than the word count suggests - or at least it seems far shorter. The summary says all you need to know. Our Ron wakes up in a world that is very different. It's an AU, and yet it isn't. I fell in love with this Pansy, with Harry and Ginny, and with all those that were left behind. The author managed to create two versions of each character, even though we only meet one version per person. If you can spare the time, read it - no matter whether you like the pairing or not. It's worth it - and I don't say that lightly.

Meprishou. Harry/Ron. PG13. This is short, funny and wacky in a charming way. The question this story tries to answer is: Would anybody really miss the Channel Islands?

Thoughts on Time Travel. Gen story featuring Luna, Ron, George and Fred. This story does not have a summary (this seems to be a trend in this particular fest) - maybe one of the reasons it has hardly any comments? (This is a thinly veiled plea for authors to care for their headers. More often than not a good summary makes the difference between clicking and not clicking. Just saying.)

Nevertheless, this is a delightful short story. The narration is tight, and the dialogue spot on. The voices of all characters are different, sound real and are entertaining in a clever way. I'm very fond of this Luna who refuses to believe in time travel.
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Five recs, four different holiday fests.

The Contest. Ron/Harry. NC17.
Yes, yes. Ron and Harry are great, funny plot, good descriptions and dialogue, very entertaining, blah blah blah. Now that we got that out of the way, can we PLEASE talk about Hermione? Because she's the definition of awesome. I adore her. I want to worship the ground on which she walks, take her home and drink tea with her and have long conversations - about wanking. And Galleons wrapped up in KNICKERS. Oh, mystery author you're brilliant.

Green Knights, Earnest Quests. Neville/Seamus. R.
Seamus and Neville go on a journey together - literally and figuratively. They are tired of post-war celebrations and need some time off. The relationship, how they need to cling to each other because their story is similar, is so very well developed. The characters are broken, but the author doesn't throw it all at the reader. It comes in bits and pieces that don't quite form a whole picture in the end. It feels very real, and I adore it.

The Mooncalf and the Quibbler. Zacharias/Luna. NC17.
After losing his temper to a series of provocations, a very reluctant Zach is sentenced to doing community service at The Quibbler. 19,000 words, so take some time.
I hesitated to rec this because I think I know who wrote it. On the other hand, I don't know!know, and haven't read it before it was posted. So I figure it's fair game.
This is quirky and sweet and makes me feel warm all over. It's the writing style of that particular author that flows so smoothly and beautifully that it fits Luna's character and clashes with Zach's in a perfect way. And there are cucumbers. You really should read this because of the cucumbers.

Percy and Hermione bond over work. Gen. Art.
It's precious. Just give it a click.

Things We Lost in The Battle. George/Lee. NC17.
Four years ago, Lee Jordan fled England to rebuild his broken heart. Lured back home to celebrate an important anniversary, he is forced to face everything he left behind.
This is a very good example of what can happen when boys are boys. I had to repress the urge to yell at the screen repeatedly. But it gets better eventually. I liked the interaction and stubbornness, and it's hot as well.

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Dark Recs

Dec. 2nd, 2009 11:23 am
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Hello Everyone,

I hope you're doing fine on this lovely Wednesday morning (or whatever time it is in your time-zone).

Sadly, [ profile] hp_darkfest is over (booo). There were many great stories and art, and I'm going to rec my personal top five today. There are many more worth checking out. If you head over to [ profile] melusinahp, you'll find summaries of all the stories.

click for recs )

That was it. Huge thanks to the mod for organising this fest so perfectly and elegantly. I'll post my story when reveals are up. A special thumbs up for creating a beautiful banner that does not break people's f-lists!

In the meantime (after successfully submitting my [ profile] hp_yule_balls story), I'm finally working on the next part of my George/Lee story. It's been long and I apologise to those who are following, but life kind of exploded all over me. But the pieces are swept under the rug, and I'm back at having some time for myself.
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I worked close to 70 hours this week, so my apologies to those who were hoping for an update. BUT! There's a bright side. I have a whole weekend of laziness. Slept in this morning, and will hopefully get some writing done in the next two days. And some RP-ing. I miss it so much. It comes in handy that I still can't walk properly. Well, actually that sucks but there's not much I can do about it other than be patient.

Anyone in need of some reading material? [ profile] hp_darkfest started posting today, and the first story is already a winner.

His Father's Son is a heartbreaking tale that fits into Harry Potter canon like a missing piece. It's original and unexpected, supported by a strong and unpretentious narrative voice. Not all is as it seems when Scorpius grows up with a distant father, a best friend he loves, and a Potter family he sometimes wishes he belonged to. But it's all about consequences, and it all comes back to Voldemort and the Hawthorn wand.

It's well worth the read and at 7,000 words not too long. It contains some non-too-graphic slash and non-too-graphic violence.

There are more stories to come throughout November, so keep your eyes open. One of mine is in there, too. I have no idea when it will be posted, but offer e-cookies to those who can spot it.

Then there's the sign up for [ profile] hpgeorgecentric starting tomorrow. Head over if you have some George love to spread.

One more rec:
[ profile] l3petitemort wrote 20 Random Facts about Seamus Finnigan.
While I'm generally not too fond of those lists, this is more than just 20 random facts. It's a story told in 20 little snippets. It's lovely to see Seamus grow up, change and develop into a man in his forties. I love it. (And yay for a funny Ron cameo!)
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Here are some more recs delivered - still warm and delicious - from [ profile] weasley_fest. These are just the ones I liked most. There is a lot more over there.

If Only She Knew Art. Ron dreaming about a purple-suited and dancing Albus Dumbledore. I love it so much.

Morning Musings: I'm not ashamed to say that this is twin porn and I enjoyed it. So there. It doesn't deal with the dark side of incest, but focuses on the closeness of their relationship instead (and on the porn). It works very well because it's just one short glimpse of them, where George lies in bed with Fred and remembers the previous day (and the porn). I enjoyed the care that's in there without them being overly sweet (oh yeah, and the porn).

Brewing Amora: This is a very sweet story about Arthur and Molly as teenagers. Molly is trying to brew a love potion and Arthur is trying to protect her. Seeing those two characters going through teenager problems is adorable.

Untitled Story: This is art! Ron/Seamus. The artist calls it a 'little picture story', but I think that's not nearly enough to describe the drawings. They are simple and haunting. The colourful background scheme of the comm is distracting, that's why I linked to it with the light!format option. It needs a white background.

The Werewolf Handbook, Page 147: Bill/Teddy. Everyone knows that when a person with any werewolf blood reaches 21, untamed sexual urges will manifest themselves and require an outlet. It's a fact. No question about it. The Werewolf Handbook says so, right there on page 147. The whole concept of this story is utterly cracktastic and perfectly executed. Andromeda and Molly are batshit crazy in the best possible way.

Story Time!

Jul. 7th, 2009 10:05 pm
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[ profile] weasley_fest started posting a week ago. I've tried to keep up with reading, and I feel the Weasley love. Have some recs and thoughts, and if you read and like any of those, please leave the authors a bit of love.

You Can Hide Without A Closet: This was MY GIFT. It's a lovely Ron/Seamus coming out story with cameos from Dean, Molly, Percy and some others. I especially like the backstory the author created for Seamus and the way she tells it. Go and read.

Coyote Morning: This is a wonderful George/Lee romance story with a bit of angst, destructive behaviour, hurt/comfort and lots of friendship. It comes with this line: He gently touched the gravestone, the solemn dignity of its simple grey shape and plain lettering for Fred's name and dates only slightly diminished when the inscription Helped Defeat You-Know-Who occasionally flickered to read Helped Invent U-No-Poo.

In the Quiet Moments: George/Lee art. This one is simply beautiful; nothing more to say.

Oh! You Pretty Things: Charlie/Teddy, Charlie/Bill - grapic sex. Yes, I know, I usually don't like cross-gen, Charlie/Bill or PWP. But the first paragraph of that story rocks my world: Some say that Charlie Weasley moved to Romania because he had already fucked his way through England and most of France. Others say he got tired of humans all together and decided that maybe dragons could handle the epicness that is Charlie Weasley’s sexual prowess. I don't know how many times I read that sentence before I was able to read on. I admit that I read around the sex, which wasn't easy, because it's PWP, but I loved the voice of the narrator. For those who like those pairings more than I do and want to see them do naughty things to each other, this is a real treat.

Falling For You: Ron/Harry - angsty. This is for those who love to read good dialogue. Don't be squicked if you don't like Ron/Harry. There's hardly any shipping and a kiss between them is the only action you'll see. The interaction between Ron and Hermione is precious, just like Ron's voice that sounds so real it hurts in a good way. It makes up for a couple of plot weaknesses (which are subjective and nitpicky anyway).


Jun. 13th, 2009 12:58 pm
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A quick rec from the Ron/Draco Challenge over at [ profile] rd_challenge.

Title: Heartfelt Deception
Author: Unknown
Wordcount: ~10,000
Rating: R
Pairings: Harry/Hermione/Ron, Ron/Draco
Warnings: ANGST, Character Death, Violence, Liberal use of Expletives and Derogatory Slurs, Sex, Sexual References/Themes, Homosexual Relationships, Some what Unrequited Love and all around lack of happy.

Why you should read it: It's a non-magical AU, and while I usually don't like them, this one is wonderfully created. The world-buliding alone is worth reading. Even better, though, is the plain but powerful voice of the narrator (Ron) and the sad, moving story he has to tell. This story is definitely angsty and it pulls you down into the depth of Ron's feelings and the desperation of his life. It's beautifully done.

And while you're there, you could give the other stories a try as well. Six angsty stories have already been posted. The challenge will continue tomorrow with humour, followed by romance some time next week.
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Go read this. It's my gift from an anonymous writer over at [ profile] hp_springsmut. I'm exhausted from incoherent rambling over there. Also, I need to work now.

Just read. Why still here?

It's worth every second of your time.

edited because of utter linking failure


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