Jan. 4th, 2010

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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. I came back today from my short trip and currently try to catch up. Let me know if I missed something.

Before reveals go up in several fests, I'd like to get in one more rec post, even though I still haven't read all bookmarked stories. Here are five of my favourites from five different fests:

Truth Beyond. Minerva/Rita. NC17.
I love this story for the way it handles the characters, the plotline, and for the way it is structured. There are very short sections with an alternating point of view. The two stories are very different, and yet they are the same. It's a very interesting piece of story telling.

By Any Other Name. Ginny/Blaise. Warnings: Implications of violence and rape (this is the author's warning; I think it's misleading. I'd say this is non-con even if it's not technically rape. Be warned!). Summary: Though she'd learned absolutely nothing else in the five months since starting her sixth year at Hogwarts, her various punishments had prepared her for this moment.

This was toeing my personal line. It wasn't an entirely comfortable read for me - which I suppose it wasn't intended to be - but it is well crafted and well executed. The reader is left in the dark about the motives behind the action. Black/white/grey, we don't know what's going on, but the author suggests many possibilities. I'm glad that I clicked it. Give it a go if sexual abuse isn't on your trigger or squick list.

Everything in this World Ron/Pansy. NC17. 21,000 words. Summary: Ron wakes up and the world is different.

The story is far shorter than the word count suggests - or at least it seems far shorter. The summary says all you need to know. Our Ron wakes up in a world that is very different. It's an AU, and yet it isn't. I fell in love with this Pansy, with Harry and Ginny, and with all those that were left behind. The author managed to create two versions of each character, even though we only meet one version per person. If you can spare the time, read it - no matter whether you like the pairing or not. It's worth it - and I don't say that lightly.

Meprishou. Harry/Ron. PG13. This is short, funny and wacky in a charming way. The question this story tries to answer is: Would anybody really miss the Channel Islands?

Thoughts on Time Travel. Gen story featuring Luna, Ron, George and Fred. This story does not have a summary (this seems to be a trend in this particular fest) - maybe one of the reasons it has hardly any comments? (This is a thinly veiled plea for authors to care for their headers. More often than not a good summary makes the difference between clicking and not clicking. Just saying.)

Nevertheless, this is a delightful short story. The narration is tight, and the dialogue spot on. The voices of all characters are different, sound real and are entertaining in a clever way. I'm very fond of this Luna who refuses to believe in time travel.


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