May. 3rd, 2010

Oh My...

May. 3rd, 2010 04:58 pm
seedee: (dead end)
Do you know how it is when there's something that you don't want to look at too closely because you know it's not healthy?

It's that thing that will suck you in if you fall into its gravitation field and might never give you back. It's that thing that has been floating around for years, and whenever it ambles towards you, you yelp and jump and duck and hide under the table because you know it's NOT GOOD FOR YOU.

And then, one day, when you're unsuspectingly surfing the internet in your lunch break, wanting nothing more than a distraction as you can't leave the office because the rain is falling in sheets, you stumble into its pit that is filled with doom and destruction, and you know it's too late. You were weak for only one second, and that single second was enough.

Your world will never be the same. There are some things that can't be shaken off. They cling to you. They clutch your legs with their viscous claws, leaving marks upon the very core of your being. They stick to you, and they suck you dry like a leech gorging on a succulent lamb fresh out of the womb.

In other words: I discovered Etsy.


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